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Don’t Pop. Mighty Patch Would Do The Job Perfectly.

Mighty Patch effortlessly gets the gunk out in just 6-8 hours, while shielding skin against scabs and scarring caused by popping pimple.
A medical-grade gel that gently absorbs and traps gunk.

Hero Cosmetics sent me a 36-pack of patches to try for acne. I used them for two weeks because my acne shows up unexpectedly. I applied the patches after washing my face, neck, and sometimes shoulders. I used them about eight times in those two weeks whenever I saw a pimple forming.

Here’s how I used them: After cleaning, I put the patch on the pimple. The patches are see-through, so you can still see the pimple. They take six to eight hours to work, so I put them on overnight. In the morning, I checked if there were any white dots or discoloration on the patch and if the pimple looked better (less red and flatter). If it improved a lot, I left it alone. If it still looked red or like it had a whitehead, I used another patch. But be careful if you have sensitive or dry skin because using too many patches can dry out your skin.

The patch sticks well to your skin, so you can even wear it during the day without it falling off. I tried it a few times on my neck during the day after showering for about eight hours. I looked for the same changes as on my face to see if it worked – less redness, the bump getting smaller, and if it removed any gunk.

I used these patches for two weeks and saw different results each time. It depends on your skin. I have oily skin, so the patches usually soaked up a lot of oil.

Sometimes, one patch can make a big difference for some pimples, but for tougher ones, I used two or three. In the morning, I took off the patches and saw white circles where they had pulled oil from the pimple. Usually, the pimple looked flatter and just a bit pink after one use. The white stuff from the pimple went onto the patch, except for a few times when I used another patch. In the pictures, you can see a big pimple on the left, me wearing the patch in the middle (it’s hard to notice, right?), and the pimple getting smaller on the right.

I have bigger, deeper pimples on my shoulders, and it took a few tries with the Mighty Patch to make them less red and raised. Overall, I think these patches are good for calming down and reducing acne.

I tried other patches too. After using the Mighty Patch, I noticed more oil pulled from my pimples and my skin was less red and irritated. The bumps were flatter the next day compared to other popular patches.

The Original Mighty Patch is really good because it works well, doesn’t cost too much, and you can find it easily. It helps quickly make pimples look better, especially the ones on the surface. If you’re okay with using a few patches and waiting a bit longer, they can also help with pimples that are deeper in your skin.

Number of Patches: 24, 36, or 72, depending on box size.

Skin type: All skin types (including sensitive skin!).

Duration: Results in six to eight hours.

Safety: Gentle, non-irritating, chemical-free, and allergy tested.

Who It’s Good For: The Original Mighty Patch is an ideal solution for those with occasional acne flare-ups that need to treat individual spots in a quick time frame.

Designed to absorb harmful fluids

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Customer’s Reviews

927 Reviews
Beth Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
Beth Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
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Watch that pimple disappear! Review by Beth on 12 Dec 2023 review stating Watch that pimple disappear! These patches worked like a charm on some pesky pimples. I love how they conceal so well, you can hardly tell they're on your skin! Instructions were easy to follow and application was a breeze. They work well on those pesky little white heads that have a tendency to pop up here and there. All in all a great product, and I highly recommend them foRead more about These patches worked like a charm on anyone!
Damilola Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
Damilola Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
Read More
This is a miracle product. It zaps zits overnight! It also soothes the skin so that it reduces redness and inflammation. I’d recommend it for those with sensitive skin as well.
Samantha Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
Samantha Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
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These worked quite well. When you take them off you can see then dirt that they absorbed off of your face. Some pimples they didn’t get rid of completely but I had a couple that they completely cleared up that they were gone in a couple days. They are so easy to use and they are pretty transparent so for pimples on the neck or under your chin you. These worked quite well. When you takecould potentially wear it during the day without someone noticing you have it on your face. I found them even good for clearing pores on my nose.
Lolu Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
Lolu Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
Read More
Pimple patches are a life saver! Stops me for picking at my pimples and there’s something satisfying about pulling the gunk out of my skin. I follow it up with the Dynamo cosmetics blemish balm and my melisma prone skin loves it!
Chidima  Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
Chidima Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
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Those work amazingly Review by Chindima on 12 Dec 2023 review stating Those work amazingly. Of all the pimple patches I have tried those work! It’s easy to apply with and clean packaging,I used this when I have pimples that pop up! It literally stunk the size and redness or completely get rid of them but getting the gunk out,I highly recommend this and it definitely came in handy in a pinch and it’s barely noticeable!
 Goodluck Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
Goodluck Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
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The product works well for pimples that have come to a head/have a white head that’s ripe enough to the point that it’s ready to be popped. Of course, instead of popping, the mighty patch sucks out the discharge, and the discharge sticks to the patch.
Ruth Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
Ruth Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating
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Mighty Patch Review by Miss Ruth on 12 Dec 2023 review stating Mighty PatchI received these Dynamo Mighty Patches to try in exchange for my honest review. I had a very positive experience with these patches. They are easy to apply- simply apply to clean dry pimple. As advertised, you can see them working as the patches turn white after some hours. I trialed them over night and they stayed put throughout. They are easy to remove leaving the pimples appearing flatter and smaller. I like that they provide protection. I did not experience any adverse skin reaction. I will continue to use it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrocolloid was originally designed for use as a medical bandage or dressing for wounds. It has a gel layer that’s formulated with pectin or gelatin and other ingredients that attract water and absorb fluids (such as pus). Mighty Patch is not made with gelatin and therefore is vegan-friendly. As the hydrocolloid draws in fluids or pus, the patch changes from transparent to opaque white, which is all the gunk that was pulled from the pimple.

Mighty Patch is a gentle (yet super-effective) pimple patch. To be exact, it’s a transparent hydrocolloid sticker that sucks up pus and protects the skin.

First, thoroughly clean and dry the blemish and surrounding area. Apply a Mighty Patch directly on top of the blemish and leave it on until the sticker turns opaque white, which generally takes about six hours. If there is still pus left in the pimple after your patch is removed, you can replace it with a new patch. Mighty Patch is safe to use overnight or during the day.

Since hydrocolloid attracts water and fluid, Mighty Patch works best on pimples that have come to a head (in other words, you can see white fluid or pus trapped in the pimple). If you tried a Mighty Patch and it didn’t change from transparent to opaque white, your pimple might not have been “mature” enough or the right type of blemish.

If you have cystic acne, we recommend you see a doctor or dermatologist for professional treatment.

If you’ve worn the patch for over 6 hours and it hasn’t absorbed anything, it can mean a few things:

– The pimple does not have fluid in it so it’s not “ripe” yet or not the right type of pimple
– The pimple does have fluid in it but the fluid is deep in the pore. The patch can help coax the fluid to the surface and then coax it out but this will take 1-3 days depending on how deep the fluid is.
– The patch needs easier access to the fluid. Some customers have seen that popping or pricking the pimple can help draw out the fluid faster onto the patch.

We advise you wear the patch for 6-8 hours or until the patch has absorbed the gunk out, whichever is first. If after 6-8 hours, the patch has not absorbed anything, please see above. Let us know if you have other questions/.

No harsh chemicals or formulas that dry out skin
Won’t irritate sensitive skin
Acts as a protective barrier against germs and bacteria
Prevents touching and picking, which can worsen blemishes or cause scarring
Visibly shows that it’s working by changing from transparent to white
Easy to use, small, light and portable
100% safe and FDA-approved
Safe for pregnant women and nursing moms

First, wash your skin using a low pH-cleanser, followed by an exfoliator. After skin is dry, use a moisturizer to nourish your skin.

Yes! Mighty Patch is not formulated with harsh chemicals, so it’s the perfect acne spot treatment for pregnant women.



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